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API platform

With the API platform, you benefit from a shared API framework for all the APIs. This means that all APIs use the same API keys, authentication methods, terminology, and error message formats. Integrating with our APIs is straightforward and combining functionalities from multiple APIs is easy.

Main APIs



Through the Checkout API you can sell more with an all-in-one online checkout. Create an online checkout session where you can handle payment processing, shipping, and gathering user information. (Some eCom or ePayment steps are required.)

See Vipps MobilePay: Checkout

Payment integration

Payment integration

Add Vipps or MobilePay to your online payment setup.

  • ePayment API - Perform online, POS, QR, and other types of payments using Vipps, MobilePay, or cards. (Will replace the eCom API.)
  • eCom API - Perform payments with Vipps. (Replaced by the ePayment API).

See Vipps MobilePay: Payment integration



Sign-up and login users online.

  • Login API - Confirm the identity of a customer through the login process. (Included with Payment Integration, Recurring, and Login.)

See Vipps MobilePay: Login


Recurring payments

Let returning customers pay automatically.

See Vipps MobilePay: Billing and recurring payments

Supporting products

When you order one of the main products, you often get access to several supporting products. These are helpful when integrating your store or app with Vipps MobilePay:

  • Access token API - Obtain an access token to authorize all other API requests. (Included with all the main products listed above.)
  • Check-in API - Communicate with your customer through the mobile app at the Point of Sale. (Included with all main products.)
  • Management API - Manage sales units, get information about merchants, or place orders on behalf of merchants.
  • Order Management API - Enrich your transactions by attaching images and information. (Included with Payment Integration and Recurring.)
  • PSP API - Initiate and manage the status of PSP payments.
  • PSP Signup API - Onboard and manage PSP merchants.
  • QR API - Generate and administer QR codes that redirect the user to a URL. (Included with Payment Integration and Recurring.)
  • Report API - Retrieve data about orders and settlements. (Included with Payment Integration and Recurring.)
  • Userinfo API - Get user consent for access to their personal information (e.g., phone number). (Included with Payment Integration, Recurring, and Login.)
  • Webhooks API - Subscribe to published event types by registering webhooks and will then be notified when any matching events are published that match the given sales unit ID. (Included with Payment Integration.)

Extensible platform

The API platform is extensible: If you have an integration with one API on the API platform, it is easy to use functionality from other APIs on the platform. Whenever a new API is released, existing integrations can easily take advantage of it.

For example, the Order Management API enables integrations to seamlessly incorporate digital receipt functionality, and the new Management API allows merchants and partners to manage their sales units, among other things.


Integrating with multiple APIs is no more complex than using a single API. The Vipps MobilePay API platform can be treated as a unified API, where each API's endpoints contribute to the overall platform strength.

Best practices

It is very important that you check the return response of each API call. You will get information about potential problems that could cause the customers problems or might cause you to lose money.

We are developing SDKs that will help you to implement the API platform in a faster way. Read more about these in the SDKs section.

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