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Vipps Only available for Vipps. All new integrations use the ePayment API.

All notable changes to the current API will be documented here. To learn about API versioning, see API Lifecycle.

November 2023

Began including the sub in the response from GET:/ecomm/v2/payments/{orderId}/details for Express Checkout (Vipps Hurtigkasse) payments.

See API Lifecycle: Adding an optional field to a response.

March 2023

The explicit express checkout flow ("useExplicitCheckoutFlow": true) is now the only possible flow. This ensures that the user gets the item delivered to the right place in the right way.

The useExplicitCheckoutFlow parameter no longer has any effect.

October 2022

URL links in the body of POST:/ecomm/v2/payments now only support HTTPS.

This includes the following fields:

  • callbackPrefix
  • consentRemovalPrefix
  • fallBack
  • shippingDetailsPrefix

April 2022

Added capability to cancel a partially captured order. See: Cancelling a partially captured order.

April 2021

New date limits for capture and cancel.

Payments can be captured up to 365 days after reservation, and can be cancelled up to 180 days after reservation. Attempts at capturing and cancelling older payments will result in a HTTP 400 Bad Request with more details in the request body.

December 2020

eCom API v1 is disabled.

After several extensions to the original June 1 deadline, the eCom API v1 was shut down on December 4. The eCom API v2 has been available for about three years, and offers more functionality than the old version.

April 2020


If there is no way to show the Vipps landing page, it can be skipped.

This may be useful for POS integration, vending machines, etc. See Skip landing page for details.

Cancel pending payments

The /cancel endpoint may now also be called before the payment has been reserved, meaning before the user has accepted/rejected in Vipps. This may be useful in face-to-face situations where a customer's phone runs out of battery.

See Cancelling a pending order.

/approve endpoint for integration tests

A new /approve endpoint makes it possible to approve payments through the API, without using the app.

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