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How ePayment works online

This is how payments in web shops or merchant websites work with the ePayment API.

ePayment process


1. Customer selects their payment method

On the product page of a merchant's website or app, the customer chooses to pay with Vipps or MobilePay. They can alternatively select to pay with a card, as shown in Alternative flow: Pay with by card.

Pay with Vipps

2. Customer enters their phone number and logs in

If the payment was started from a mobile device, the Vipps or MobilePay app will automatically open.

If the payment was started on a desktop device, the landing page will open. There, the customer confirms their number and logs in to Vipps MobilePay.

Vipps landing page

3. Customer confirms the payment in the app

A push notification appears on the customer's phone. They log in to Vipps MobilePay and confirm the payment. The ePayment API automatically reserves the payment and provides a receipt of the successful payment.

Confirm payment Vipps

4. The merchant's shop confirms the order

The store page or app opens again and confirms that the order was successful.

Order confirmation

5 The merchant completes the order and shipping

The merchant completes the order and ships it to the customer.

Delivery truck

6. Capture the payment

The merchant captures the order through the ePayment API. The payment is transferred to the merchant's account. This may take 2-3 days depending on your bank.


Alternative flow: Pay with card

Customers can choose to pay with card by selecting Card on the product page of a merchant's website or app.

Pay with Card

The card entry page opens, where they enter their card details.

Enter card details

On successful payment, the merchant's store page opens, and the order is confirmed.

More information

If you are coming from MobilePay, see Different solutions for different setups.

More flows are described in the Features section.

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