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Merchant initiated login

Enable your customers to share their information or confirm their identity by triggering a Login flow on their device based on their phone number.

For technical documentation go to Login API - Merchant initiated login.

We also have User initiated login

This solution features in our In-store using merchant scan.

Merchant initiated login process

The merchant has several options available to make the flow tailored to the specific use case:

  • Binding message: Include a binding message in the confirmation step for some extra assurance
  • Marketing consents: In this extra step, merchants can collect the consents required to enroll the customer to your loyalty program
  • Redirect: You may choose to redirect the user to a website of your choosing after login is completed

login process

The different steps are described and illustrated with screenshots below.

1. Initiate Login with a phone number


One way of getting the user's phone number is to scan their personal QR code

The merchant initiates Login on the user's device from their system, based on the user's phone number. The user receives a push notification and clicks to open the Vipps or MobilePay app.

If the user has turned off push notifications or for some other reason do not get the push, they can open Vipps or MobilePay themselves and automatically start the login flow.

User gets push message from Vipps MobilePay

2. Confirmation

After opening their Vipps or MobilePay app, the user will be asked to confirm sharing information with the merchant. The first screen will specify the information requested by the merchant.

On this screen, the merchant can choose to show a binding message (confirmation code). This is for added security if the merchant would like their representatives or their customers to have an explicit check that it is the correct transaction that is being accepted.

After confirming the login and sharing of information, the user will be asked for the formal consent to share information from Vipps MobilePay to the merchant. The end user must only consent once per merchant and the consent applies across all Vipps MobilePay services. In other words, if the user has already consented to share the requested information with the merchant, no consent will be required, and this step will be skipped.

User confirm in the app

3. Marketing consents (optional)

The merchant may choose to include the delegatedConsents scope to collect consents from the end user in their Vipps or MobilePay app, on behalf of the merchant. This scope is relevant for merchants who use Login to enroll end-users into customer club/loyalty program from POS system when the user is present in-store. If the scope is included in the request, the end user will be asked to give consents according to merchant specifications.

Initial marketing consents screenMarketing consents approved
User sees marketing consents in the appUser confirm marketing consents in the app

Some elements on the marketing consents screen can be adjusted to fit the merchant's needs:

  • The consents wanted by the merchant (see more When using marketing consents, which consents are supported?). These can be individually specified to be mandatory or optional. Mandatory consents must be ticked before the user can complete the login flow. See what consents we currently support, or reach out if you need something else, and we'll see what we can do!
  • A bottom text where we provide some contextual information for the end user. The text is fixed, but the links will point to the merchant's terms and conditions, as well as privacy statement.

4. Redirect or end the login in the app

The merchant controls what happens after the user has confirmed the login and sharing of information.

The merchant can end the login process in the Vipps or MobilePay app, where the user will receive a confirmation screen that the login is complete.

Alternatively, the merchant may redirect the user to its website. The merchant will then have an identified user. This flow can be used to welcome a user to the customer club, ask for more information/preferences, show offers or information of relevance.

User gets confirmation in the app or is taken to browser

Illustration of how the flow will look when the user ends the flow and gets the confirmation of completion in the Vipps or MobilePay app:

Confirm completion in the app

Illustration of how the flow will look if the user is taken to the merchant's web page:

Redirect to browser

The merchant has the option to show a confirmation code (binding_message) to the user in the app for added security:

Optional confirmation code (binding_message)

Great! Now you know how Login from phone number works!

To check if your point of sales system or loyalty platform supports Login from phone number, please visit our product homepage. Check with your partner for pricing details.

Alternatively, if you want to set up the integration yourself, take a look at the technical documentation in the Login API - login from phone number.

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