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Frequently asked questions

See the Management API Guide for all the technical details, and Partners for all partner information.

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When will the Management API be available?

It's available now. We are continuously improving it, and have documented both existing functionality and upcoming functionality.

How can I get access?

See: Integrating with this API.

What are the benefits of the Management API over the Partner API?

  • The Management API contains everything as the Partner API, and more.
  • The Management API is actively developed, the Partner API will be phased out.
  • Both APIs use the same API keys.
  • The endpoints are practically identical, with the Management API endpoints offering better error handling, more detailed responses, etc.
  • The Prefill a product order endpoint in the Management API will give an error if the partner sends incorrect or invalid data. In the Partner API the error will not be discovered until the merchant attempts to use the URL to the incorrectly submitted prefilled product order.
  • The Management API supports international merchants, since the businessIdentifier also works for non-Norwegian merchants.

How can I make feature requests and give input for the Management API?

Contact your partner manager or key account manager.

Will there be a partner portal?

It is not possible for partners to sign in on as partners, but merchants may give access to individual users as described here: How to add a user on

Allowing partners to log in on as partners is not possible, and there is no decision or concrete plan to implement the required functionality.

The Management API is our priority and our aim is to offer as much functionality for partners as possible.

How can I check the status of a merchant's product order?


Where do I get the pricePackageId?

The pricePackageId is a UUID, and you get it by email when you are activated as partner. A UUID has a format like this: 81b83246-5c19-7b94-875b-ea6d1114f099.

Use GET:/management/v1/partners/{partner-id}/price-packages to retrieve your price packages.

Can I use the Management API in the test environment?

Nope. We do not have all the required backend systems available in the test environment. See Limitations of the test environment.

Why is the URL for a prefilled product order not working?

It is probably because the prefill request was invalid.

If you send an invalid request to POST:/management/v1/product-orders, the prefill will in most cases fail with an error message.

Although we do as much input validation as possible, it is not possible to validate all data, so in some cases the prefill request will succeed, and the prefill URL will lead to an empty product order form.

Which fields in the product order form are editable in a prefill PO?

All of them except:

  • Partner
  • Price package (if provided)

Important: Please provide as much information as possible in the prefill request. See: Prefill a product order.

Why do I get HTTP 404 Not Found?

It depends on which request has been made. Partners will get this error if they attempt to retrieve data for a merchant that does not yet have an active sales unit connected with the partner.

When will it be possible to update an existing sales unit?

We know this is a very important feature, but can't give you a release date yet.

See Endpoints and availability. The documentation will be updated as soon as we have new information.

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