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Migration to the Management API from Partner API

It is easy to migrate from the Partner API. Just update the following three endpoint paths.

Get merchant by organization number (now business identifier)

Replace GET:/partner-api/v0/merchants/{orgno} with GET:/management/v1/merchants/{scheme}/{id}/sales-units.

  • The orgno field is now called id. For Norwegian companies, this is the organization number.
  • The scheme field. This is used for identifying a merchant. For Norwegian companies, this is always business:NO:ORG.

See Get the sales units for a merchant by business identifier.

Get sales unit by merchant serial number

Replace GET:/partner-api/v0/salesunits/{msn}/ with GET:/management/v1/sales-units/{msn}/.

  • The msn field is the same as before - the Merchant Serial Number for the sales unit.

See Get information about a sales unit.

Order products on behalf of merchants

Replace POST:/partner-api/v1/products/orders with POST:/management/v1/product-orders.

See Prefill a product order.

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