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All notable changes to the current API will be documented here. To learn about API versioning, see API Lifecycle.

May 28th 2024

A Category field was added to the merchant callback QR code Create or update callback QR endpoint, to allow merchants to control what will be shown on the waiting screen after the code is scanned.

March 13th 2024

A new endpoint for personal QR code exchange allows you to exchange the token or string that you get by scanning a user's personal QR code for the user's information (e.g., phone number (MSISDN)).

Jan 2nd 2023

The user.checked-in.v1 webhook parameter MerchantSerialNumber has been renamed to msn. See the webhook description.

Dec 12th 2023

Merchant callback QR feature has seen a change in how to query QR codes. New query parameters called qrImageFormat and qrImageSize are replacing the Accept header and the Size header respectively when calling [GET:/qr/v1/merchant-callback] and [GET:/qr/v1/merchant-callback/{merchantQrId}]. For more details, see the merchant callback QR section.

Nov 2023

Merchant callback QR endpoints are ready for testing in the MT environment.

Please note: In the flow when the integrator initiates the payment, the app user will have to go back to the home screen before the payment request arrives. This is temporary and only in the test environment. In the production environment the payment request will come immediately.

May 2022

Added redirectUrl to all responses, so merchants can see where a QR is pointing.

April 2022

Path changed from /merchantRedirect to /merchant-redirect.

September 2021

Early version of QR API is available.

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