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How the QR API works with merchant redirect

Offer contactless payment to your customers by creating interactions in static points of sales.

"MerchantRedirect QR Flow"

1. The merchant generates a QR code

Generate the QR either via the QR API or the merchant portal. The illustrations below shows how it is done in the portal.

First, find Skann & Vipps (Scan and Vipps) in the left menu.

Find Scan and Vipps in the menu

Then, select the sales unit you want to use, and click the Lag ny QR-kode (Create a new QR code) button. Now, you can enter the name you want for the QR, and enter the URL.

"Choose a name and a URL for the QR" Click Lag QR (Create QR) and the QR will be generated.

The QR is now created, and you can download it in either SVG or PNG. You can also change the URL or delete the QR. "Download the QR or change the URL"

2. The merchant places or publishes the QR code

This will enable the merchants desired action, in a context.

Place or publish the QR code

3. The user is interested and scans the QR code

The user scans the QR

4. The user is redirected to the merchant's page

The user is redirected

5. The user performs the merchant desired action. After payment, the order is confirmed at the merchant shop

The user is redirected

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