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Report API

Vipps MobilePay Available for Vipps and MobilePay.

Please note: The Report API is primarily for accounting partners who will use the API to integrate with their accounting systems, allowing them to provide the accounting information to their merchants. Accounting partners use their accounting keys, and are not allowed to use the merchant's own API keys. Merchants can then simply give access to the accounting partner, without doing any development themselves.

If you are interested in becoming an accounting partner: See Become our partner and fill out the form there.

Report API documentation

  • API quick start: Run the basic examples in curl and Postman.
  • API guide: Learn about the Report API features.
  • API FAQ: Look for your question among those people have asked before.
  • API reference: Go straight to the endpoint specifications.

If you're new to the platform, see Getting started for information about API keys, product activation, and the test environment.


  • The API guide is updated for Report API version 2, report/v2. The report/v1 endpoint is deprecated, but viewable as part of the API spec.
  • The version 1 was considered a beta version and support will be removed within some months.

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