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Vipps Version 2 is available now. Version 1 is deprecated.

All notable changes to the current API will be documented here. To learn about API versioning, see API Lifecycle.


May 2024

Removed the deprecated GET:/report/v1/ledgertransactions endpoint. Requests to the endpoint will result in HTTP 410 Gone.

February 2024

  • Added the GDPR data parameter includeGDPRSensitiveData.

December 2023

  • We removed some internal data from the GET:/report/v2/ledgers/{ledgerId}/{topic}/feed. The data was never mentioned in the API specification, so we consider this a bugfix. The internal fields that were removed: name, externalId, settlementEmailRecipients, settlementEmailFrequency, enableGrossSettlements, enableSettlementPayoutIfBlocked, blockSettlementPayouts, settlementFrequency, salesUnits, entityId, changedBy, changedAt and comment.
  • We removed FirstPayout and LastPayout from the response of GET:/settlement/v1/ledgers.

November 2023

September 2023

  • Launched the final non-Beta version of the Report API, which is named report/v2. Version 1 is deprecated.
  • November 2022: Launched the beta of the Report API, report/v1.

Version 2 compared to version 1

  • The information in the /ledgertransactions endpoint has been split into different endpoints to list changes to balance (funds) and per-transaction fees charged by Vipps MobilePay AS (fees). This split is primarily done to make it more natural in the API to provide fee specifications also for merchants that receive gross settlements.
  • Instead of query parameters to /ledgertransactions implying different modes of using the endpoint, we provide different endpoints for different ways of fetching/synchronizing the data.
  • In total, GET:/report/v1/ledgertransactions is replaced by the following endpoints, where {topic} can be funds or fees:
  • While all the above endpoints are very similar to the v1/ledgertransactions endpoint, there are some cosmetic changes:
    • transactionId has been renamed pspReference to be consistent with the ePayment API.
    • orderId has been renamed reference to be consistent with the ePayment API.
    • ledgerAmount is simply amount.
    • transactionType has been renamed to entryType.
      • The payout type has been renamed to payout-scheduled. Please consult the full list of entry types in the reference.
    • The grossAmount and fee columns are removed from this endpoint and replaced with:
      • Detailed information about fees available on the /fees endpoint; both for cases where fees are retained ("net settlements") and not ("gross settlements")
      • For net settlements, an adjustment of the ledger balance is included as a sum row. There is typically once such row per day, although details of this will vary according to when Vipps MobilePay legally collects the fees (entryType of fees-retained).
    • The inPayout argument to v1/ledgertransactions has no equivalent in the new API. We recommend to instead fetch data per date.
      • We may add the feature back if there is enough popular demand for it, in that case as a separate payouts path alongside feed and dates.
    • The sincePayout argument to /ledgertransactions has been removed and appears to be unused.

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