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Node SDK

The official Node SDK for the Checkout and ePayment APIs.

You can install the SDK with NPM as per Installation. More information about the package can be found on


  • Serialization/deserialization
  • Authentication
  • Network retries
  • Idempotency



npm i @vippsno/vipps-sdk


yarn add @vippsno/vipps-sdk


We recommend inspecting the types for a detailed description of class constructor- and method arguments. The API guidelines for Checkout and ePayment should also be used as reference, e.g. when in doubt about the meaning of property or its allowed values.

Example showing configuration and calling a method which creates a Checkout session:

import Vipps from '@vippsno/vipps-node'

const vipps = new Vipps({
pluginName: 'My plugin name',
pluginVersion: '1.0.0',
clientId: 'client-id-from-vipps-portal',
clientSecret: 'client-secret-form-vipps-portal',
subscriptionKey: 'subscription-key-from-vipps-portal',
merchantSerialNumber: 'merchant-serial-number-from-vipps-portal',

const vippsCheckoutSession = await vipps.checkout.createSession({
merchantInfo: {
callbackUrl: '',
returnUrl: '',
callbackAuthorizationToken: 'secret-token-to-verify-callback',
transaction: {
amount: {
currency: 'NOK',
value: 1000
reference: 'order-id-123',
logistics: {
dynamicOptionsCallback: '',
fixedOptions: [
brand: 'POSTEN',
amount: {
currency: 'NOK',
value: 100
id: 'shipping-option-1',
description: 'Pakke levert på døren'

The SDK exposes the same operations as for the underlying Checkout and ePayment APIs respective.

Checkout exposes the following methods:

  • createSession
  • getSession

ePayment exposes the following methods:

  • createPayment
  • getPayment
  • getPaymentEventLog
  • cancelPayment
  • capturePayment
  • refundPayment
  • forceApprovePayment


The SDK supports both ESM and CommonJs. To use the SDK in a CommonJS environment, simply import the default export:

const Vipps = require('@vippsno/vipps-node').default;

Error handling

All methods have built-in retry mechanisms, however, there is no guarantee that the call will succeed. Errors might arise for various reasons, including network failure, misconfiguration or temporarily unavailable services. It is recommended to handle potential errors thrown by the SDK

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