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Text guidelines

You may use text to indicate Vipps or MobilePay as a payment option and to promote these in your marketing communication.

For Vipps, always use an uppercase "V" followed by lowercase letters. For MobilePay, always use an uppercase "M" and "P", as "MobilePay". Don't capitalize the whole name unless matching the typographic style on your website. Never use all capitals for the brand name (Vipps or MobilePay) in your marketing communication.

If you don't display logos for other payment options, The brand name (Vipps or MobilePay) should be represented by text. For example:

Checkout with Vipps in text

The brand name (Vipps or MobilePay) should be set in the same font and typographic style as the rest of the text on your website. Don't try to mimic the Vipps MobilePay typographic style. For example:

Confirm with Vipps mark

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