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How to get started


These pages are for developers creating integrations with the API platform. If you think you are in the wrong place, see the Vipps MobilePay pages. 🤔

If you're coming from MobilePay, there are details migration guides to help with your transition.

Here is the merchant flow for going live.

  1. Apply for services by creating a merchant agreement and submitting a product order.
  2. After completing a customer control (KYC, PEP, AML, etc.), we will let you know when you can get the API keys for your sales unit.
  3. Implement the applicable API endpoints and complete the corresponding checklists.
  4. Go live. 🎉

For partners, there are a few more steps. See Partners: Finishing the integration and going live for details.

Apply for services

You will need to apply for services for each country where you will use Vipps or MobilePay (e.g., Norway, Denmark, or Finland).


The software you build for one country can be reused for another, but you'll need to use the different sales units and brands for different countries. See Using Vipps MobilePay across borders for more details.

When your merchant agreement is approved and your product order is placed, we'll set up a test sales unit for you, and you can go a step forward and get the API keys.

Get your test API keys

You'll need API keys to provide authentication for sending payment requests (and other types of requests) to your new sales unit. Each sales unit has a unique set of keys, so if you have many sales units, you will use a different set of keys for each one.


API keys should be kept secret. Be very careful how you share them. Use encrypted mail or provide other users with minimum access to see the keys for a sales unit in the portal.

To find your keys, log in on the merchant portal.

  1. Select For developers in the left menu. The API keys tab should be selected by default.
  2. Select the Test radio button to display all the test sales units for your business.
  3. Find the sales unit name that we sent you in the email mentioned above.
  4. Click the Show keys button. A panel will open where you can copy the values of each key.

When your product order is approved, we'll send you information about your production sales unit. You can get the API keys for this in the same location. For illustrations, see How to find the API keys.

Get the test app

We'll send you your test user credentials for logging into the merchant test app. See Merchant Test (MT) app to find out how to download the app.

See Test environment for test environment limitations, test servers, test apps, and much more.


🔥 If you don't want to do development, you might want to find a plugin or partner.

Find buttons and logos

Get buttons, logos, and marks in the Design guidelines section.

Work with the APIs

When you're ready to send some API requests, have a look at the API specs. If you're not sure which API to use, have a look at the API platform page. It should be easy to figure out which APIs come with the product you ordered.

Each main API provides a quick start guide (e.g., ePayment Quick start) for a step-by-step guide to using the API.

Head over to the API platform page now... 👉


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