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Applying for services

As a merchant or partner, you can apply for access to Vipps MobilePay services. You'll need separate merchant agreements for operation in Norway, Denmark, and Finland. See Using Vipps MobilePay across borders to learn about the use in different countries.


The software you build for one country can be reused for another, but you'll need to use the different sales units and brands for different countries.

For example, you will need a Finnish sales unit to use MobilePay in Finland, a Danish sales unit to use MobilePay in Denmark, and a Norwegian sales unit to use Vipps in Norway. You can only use the MobilePay brand in Denmark and Finland, and you can only use the Vipps brand in Norway.

You can manage your merchant profile, order products, and apply for additional sales units on the merchant portal.

Register as a Vipps MobilePay merchant


Merchants in Norway, Finland, and Denmark must have the following information in order to use Vipps or MobilePay as a payment provider and to receive payments:

  • A Norwegian, Danish, or Finnish organization number.
  • A Norwegian, Danish, or Finnish bank account.
  • A contact person with a Norwegian, Danish, or Finnish phone number and National identity number who can sign on behalf of the company.

Your application must be signed with Norwegian BankID, Danish MitID, Finish FTN, or username and password.


If a foreign business has not yet been formally established, we can manually send the agreement for digital signing with Danish MitID, Finish FTN, Swedish BankID, etc. When this is required, please contact customer service or, for partners, please contact your partner manager.

If the above is impossible, the business can use Vipps or MobilePay through a Payment Service Provider (PSP). When using a Payment Service Provider, you will need to contact them for access.

Create a merchant agreement

The merchant agreement is a legal agreement between you and Vipps MobilePay.

Apply for a Merchant Agreement on the merchant portal. Provide details for your business, including real rights holders, politically exposed people, etc.

A person with signatory rights for the business must digitally sign the application. It is possible for the partner, or simply a person helping the merchant, to fill out the form, but the signing of the form must be done by a person with signing rights for the merchant.

Once the Merchant Agreement has been submitted, you can place an order for products. This will be processed immediately once your Merchant Agreement is approved.


It might take a few days....

We are required to perform a background check on all merchants or partners who want to use our services, so it might take a few days before you hear back from us.

You can also check the status of your application on

Order products

You can place your product order while your merchant agreement is still being processed. You can also add products later, but note that there might be a small delay if additional risk evaluations are required.

When the Merchant Agreement is approved and your product order is placed, you (or the user associated with the order) will receive an email with credentials for accessing the test environment.

  • Sales unit name
  • Merchant serial number
  • Credentials for logging into the test app

Next steps

Continue with Getting started to see how to get your API keys and start using the test environment.

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