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The merchant can refund all or part of the captured amount up to 365 days after payment or reservation. It usually takes 2-3 bank days until the money is in the customer's account, depending on the bank(s). It can take much longer, up to 10 days, and depends on the bank(s).

It's not possible to refund a larger amount than the captured amount.

Refunded funds will be deducted from the merchant's settlement account after two business days. See Settlements for more details.

We limit the time period for refunds, because very old payments have a higher risk of being problematic. For example, credit cards expire, people change banks, leave the country, die, etc., and this then requires time-consuming manual work. Attempting to refund a payment that is past the time limit will result in a HTTP 400 Bad Request.

If the merchant is not able to automatically refund the customer (for example, if the original credit card is no longer valid), then they must contact the customer and find a different way to make the refund.

For API details:

Note, in some cases, it's possible to do refunds on

Partial refund

Partial refunds are done by specifying an amount that is lower than the captured amount. It is possible to make several partial refunds after each other.

For example:

A customer has placed an order of two items for a total of 1000 NOK. The merchant has reserved and captured a payment of 1000 NOK. The customer has changed their mind and only wants to keep one of the items, with a price of 750 NOK.

The merchant can then do a refund of 250 NOK.


The partial capture (the 750 of the 1000 NOK in the example above) is normally confirmed in the bank after 3-10 days, but it sometimes takes even longer. When this is done, the bank will make the remaining (250 NOK) available in the customer's account again. This process depends entirely on the customer's bank, and we can't speed it up.

Banks keep reservations for the same number of days regardless of whether there has been one or more captures. Banks do not extend the reservation if a partial capture has been made.

If a partial capture has been made, the bank cancels the reservation for the remaining amount. If no capture has been made, the entire reserved amount is cancelled. Banks "count the days" from when the reservation was made, so the merchant must make the capture, or all captures, before the reservation expires.

See: Settlements

How long does it take from a refund is made until the money is in the customer's account?

Normally 2-3 bank days, depending on the bank(s). It can take much longer, up to 10 days, and depends on the bank(s).

We don't have more information than what is available through our API.

See: Settlements.

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