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Technical newsletter for developers 2022-06

This newsletter was sent in June 2022.

Vipps Order Management API

The Vipps Order Management API allows merchants to send rich receipt information to existing Vipps transactions, including links to tracking information, tickets, etc.

Vipps Partner API

The Vipps Partner API is now available for all partners using partner keys. We are very interested in feedback!

All OpenAPI (Swagger) specifications and Postman collections/environments updated

We have done a major overhaul of all our API specifications, so all the OpenAPI/Swagger specifications and all the Postman collections and environments have been improved. See each API's GitHub repo for details.

Remember: Vipps MobilePay is always without fees when paying to businesses

Just a friendly reminder: Users never have to pay a fee when they pay a business with Vipps. Please try to make this as clear as possible in your solution.

Klarna Checkout recommendations

Please make sure to include the text saying "Remember: Vipps MobilePay is always without fees when paying businesses" or similar:

"name": "Vipps",
"redirect_url": "",
"image_url": "",
"fee": 0,
"description": "Husk: Vipps er alltid gebyrfritt når du betaler til bedrifter."

More details: Can I use Vipps with Klarna Checkout?

eCom API: HTTPS required for all URLs

From October 1, 2022, URL links in the body of POST:/payments will no longer support HTTP, only HTTPS.

This includes the following fields:

  • callbackPrefix

  • consentRemovalPrefix

  • fallBack

  • shippingDetailsPrefix

    This has been documented for a long time already, but not strictly enforced. See: URL validation.


Please check your eCom API calls for errors

We are working on eliminating incorrect API use. Although we always respond to incorrect API calls with a sensible HTTP status (usually HTTP 400 Bad Request) and an informative error message in the response body, we see that some merchant and partners keep making incorrect API calls.


  • Monitor the responses you get when making API calls
  • Log all errors
  • Fix errors as quickly as possible
  • Use the API Dashboard
  • Contact us if there is anything we can help with

One example: Far too many calls to POST:/ecomm/v2/payments use an incorrectly formatted phone number. The effect is that the user's phone number is not correctly pre-filled on the Vipps landing page. Please make sure you send the mobileNumber in 91234567 format, not +47 91 23 45 67 or something else. We have previously tried to respond with HTTP 400 Bad Request (as we should) for incorrectly formatted phone numbers, but that broke a lot of integrations, so we decided to accept the incorrect API calls even though they give a poor user experience.


Use the API Dashboard to find problems with your integration

The API Dashboard is available to all merchants for both the production and test environments, and is an easy way to see if you are using the APIs correctly. Think of it as a "health check", that you can use to see if there are any problems you need to investigate.

See it on in the Utvikler (Developer) section. Here's an example for the eCom API's /refund endpoint:

API Dashboard example

See: API Dashboard.

How to get help quickly

Please see this page.

Newsletter archive

Please see: newsletters

Questions or comments?

We're always happy to help with code or other questions you might have! Please create GitHub issues or pull requests for the relevant API, or contact us.

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