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Partner documentation template

This document provides examples for providing documentation to your merchants.

The paragraphs prefixed with "ℹ️" is for you (the partner), and must not be in the finished documentation for the partner's merchants.

How to order products

ℹ️ Partners should use the Management API to prefill product orders for merchants, and document how the merchant sign up in the partner's interface. If the Management API is not used, the merchants must order products on, as described below:

  1. Log in to, as described in the Merchant portal section.
  2. Search for your business' name or organization number.
  3. Fill in the required information. If you need help, please contact customer service.
  4. Sign the application.
  5. Order Payment Integration with the settings required by the partner. Try to avoid the typical reasons for delays.

You may get follow-up questions from us. Please check your email, including the "spam" folder, and search for "vipps".

You can check the status of your order on at any time.

API keys

ℹ️ Select one of the alternatives below, depending on whether you use partner keys or not.

  1. As a partner, explain that you are using the Management API and partner keys, so the merchant doesn't have to do anything after ordering products in your interface:

    "When the application is complete, you will get an email. We, your partner, receive the same email. The email contains the "Merchant Serial Number" (MSN), a six-digit number identifying your new sales unit. There is nothing more you need to do, we then have everything we need."

  2. Explain how to use the API keys in your solution, complete with screenshots with added arrows, text, etc. Link to Knowledge base: API keys, if relevant.

Configuration of Vipps or MobilePay on your site

ℹ️ Describe in detail how to configure Vipps or MobilePay with screenshots and details. Link to Getting Started, if relevant.

Topics to cover:

  • Installation
  • Configuration
    • Authorization
    • Short codes
    • Webhooks
  • Additional info (support)

Consider linking to the Knowledge base.

Frequently asked questions

ℹ️ All partners must offer a FAQ for their merchants. Link to the Knowledge base, if relevant.

Order handling

ℹ️ Document everything required for the merchant to manage their orders. All order management must be done in your interface, using our API platform, rather than using

Make sure your customer service has all the tools and information they need available in your system and that they do not need to visit for normal work.

Topics to cover:

  • Order handling
    • How do I capture an order?
    • How do I partially capture an order?
    • How do I cancel an order?
    • How do I refund an order?
    • How do I partially refund an order?
    • How to I find all the details about an order?
    • How do I debug a failed order?
  • Additional info (support)


ℹ️ Offer all required support for your merchants. Explain how to get help, how to use your support system, and any other necessary details. Document very clearly that your merchants should contact you instead of Vipps MobilePay.

For example:

Please contact us, your partner, and we will help as soon as possible. We will contact Vipps MobilePay if needed, so you should not contact Vipps MobilePay directly. ℹ️ Please note: Add partner name, address, website, phone, email, etc. here.

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