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I'm having issues with one payment creating two orders

First, make sure that IVippsPollingService, IVippsOrderProcessor and IVippsOrderSynchronizer are all registered as singletons.

In a load balanced environment, this might be a slightly more complex issue. Out of the box, the package works only with Azure (and therefore DXC) load balanced environments.

For example, a user could place an order and get redirected back from Vipps to the fallback controller on the original instance they placed the order from. At the same time, a callback from Vipps could hit the other server's callback controller.

In an Azure environment, we validate the request based on the current InstanceId and the ARRAffinity cookie. If the request has gone to the wrong instance, we set the cookie and send the request back to the same controller. VippsCallbackController.cs

So what do you do if you are in a load balanced environment that is not hosted in azure? Well, with the prerequisite that your sticky session is handled by a cookie with a static name, and the value of the cookie being retrievable from the backend you could:

  • Override DefaultVippsOrderSynchronizer and make sure GetInstanceId() returns the value stored in the cookie used for sticky sessions.
  • Add Vipps:InstanceCookieName app setting with the name of the cookie as value

And you should be good to go.

How do I add Vipps as an external payment method in Klarna

This is quite easy. Think of this as a hybrid between Vipps as a payment method in checkout and Vipps Express.

  • Create an action in an MVC controller that takes, for example, orderGroupId as a parameter (or customerId, marketId and cartName).
  • Add this URL to the external payment method in Klarna.
  • Load the cart.
  • Fetch the Klarna order that is associated with the cart.
  • Create the Vipps payment like it's done in VippsExpressController.cs.
  • Run ProcessPayments() and redirect to the PaymentRedirectResults RedirectUrl, which is hopefully successful.

One thing to keep in mind is to clear the payments from the order form before adding a new payment. If the transaction is cancelled by customer or something goes wrong, we don't want to keep adding new payments to the form.

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