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Plugin development

These guidelines should help you with creating plugin modules. These are defined to minimize manual support.

If you are new to developing with the API platform, see the Getting started guide.

Plugin checklist

Use this as a guideline to make sure documentation and the required features are provided. These requirements come in addition to those described in the partner's guide: Finishing the integration and going live.


Your plugin module must include all the following information:

Required contentComment
List of featuresA list of available features and information about how to configure, enable, and disable them.
Install pluginDescription of how to install the module.
PrerequisitesA list of prerequisites for using the module.
ConfigurationInformation about all the configurable features.
Get API keysDetailed 1-2-3-type list with reference how to get API keys.
Info about on-site-messagingSpecify how to configure in module or add a link to On-site messaging.
Notification on available updatesIf it's not default by platform, show a notification banner when an update is available for the module.
ChangelogDetailed release notes for new releases. Do not add cryptic comments about updates, but describe what is new.
FAQA list of frequently asked questions and information about other typical issues related to the platform and module.

Also include the following support information:

Required contentComment
SupportProvide information about how to get help with the plugin or module. Link to the plugin's support system. Do not link to Vipps contact page.
Link to PortalInform the merchant that they can manage their sales units on the merchant portal. For example: "You can manage your sales unit (e.g., change name and logo), see reports of all payments, etc. on"
Link to Knowledge baseProvide a link to the Vipps MobilePay Knowledge base. For example: "For typical questions and answers about payments and APIs, see the Knowledge base."
Info about contributing on GitHubAdd to the issues tab on your plugin's GitHub repository.
Link to help pagesVipps, MobilePay Denmark, or MobilePay Finland.
Link to customer center for merchantsFor example, "If you need help with your customer relationship with Vipps, Contact customer service. Or provide links to the specific pages: Vipps Norway, MobilePay Denmark, or MobilePay Finland."
Link to technical updates"Vipps MobilePay has a technical updates with news about APIs, etc. We recommend subscribing to it."

Development and required features

Include the following details and routines as part of the module.

Required contentComment
Error LoggingInclude the option to activate debugging mode with enhanced logging and tracking of all Vipps MobilePay calls and responses. Track and make sure to handle all errors. Present the results in a separate page of the module configuration, with the complete Vipps MobilePay error message displayed.
Error HandlingEnsure that users, both administrators and customers, receive an unambiguous notification when anything goes wrong. For POS integration, present the information to both the cashier and the customers.
Follow up on GitHub security/Dependabot alertsEnsure that security alerts are added to pull requests and that there is a monthly routine in place for handling these.
Order ManagementAdd receipts to orders using the Order management API.
On-site messaging configurationAdd a configurable On-site messaging feature to ease the On-site messaging.
Follow design guidelinesThe Vipps MobilePay branding must be according to the design guidelines.

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