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Dynamic QR directing to the app for payment

This flow uses a one-time payment QR (i.e., a dynamic QR) that is shown on a screen. The QR directs the customer to the Vipps or MobilePay app, where they authorize the payment.

One-time payment QR

When to use

This is the preferred flow when it's possible to show a dynamic QR code on the vending machine.

Use this flow when you have a screen connected.



You need a screen to display the one-time QR.


A one-time payment QR code is presented on the vending machine. The QR code is a dynamic representation of the payment URL, and the customer needs to scan the QR code and pay within 10 minutes.

Step 1: Generate a dynamic QR code and payment request

When the customer selects a product, generate the payment request with a dynamic QR code.

Detailed example

To generate the dynamic QR code and associated payment request, specify "userFlow": "QR". You may also specify the qrFormat and size for the QR.

Specify "customerInteraction": "CUSTOMER_PRESENT".

You can also include a receipt at this time.

Since the customer will scan from their phone, you don't need their phone number. This payment command can do an app-switch and open their Vipps or MobilePay app with the payment request.

Here is an example HTTP POST:


With body:

"amount": {
"value": 42924,
"currency": "NOK"
"paymentMethod": {
"type": "WALLET"
"customerInteraction": "CUSTOMER_PRESENT",
"orderLines": [
"name": "Ear buds",
"id": "21231211",
"totalAmount": 42924,
"totalAmountExcludingTax": 32193,
"totalTaxAmount": 10731,
"taxPercentage": 25,
"bottomLine": {
"currency": "NOK",
"posId": "vending_machine_12345",
"receiptNumber": "0527013501"
"reference": 2486791679658155992,
"userFlow": "QR",
"returnUrl": "",
"paymentDescription": "Ear buds",
"qrFormat": {
"format": "IMAGE/SVG+XML",
"size": 1024

Step 2: Display the QR on the screen

Display the one-time QR on a screen facing the customer.

Step 3: The customer authorizes the payment

The customer scans the QR code and are directed to the Vipps or MobilePay app. The payment screen is presented and they click Pay.

To get confirmation that payment was approved, monitor your webhooks.

What are webhooks?

When changes happen to your payment request, events are triggered (for example: Authorized, Terminated, Aborted, Cancelled, Expired, and many more).

You can register to receive these events, which is useful for programming an appropriate and quick response.

The webhook will send a message to your web server at the URL you specify.

See the Webhooks API guide for more details.

Once the payment is approved, update the status in your system.

Step 4: Capture the payment

Capture the payment and confirm that it was successful.

Detailed example


With body:

"modificationAmount": {
"value": 42924,
"currency": "NOK"

Sequence diagram

Sequence diagram for the vending machine flow with dynamic QR directing to the app for payment.

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