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Settlements: CSV

The following is an example of a CSV settlement file:

The CSV settlement file contains the following info:

Column titleDescriptionComment
SalgsdatoDate of sale
SalgsstedSales unit name
VippsnummerMerchant serial number
ProduktVipps product nameE.G. "Vipps Netthandel"
Transaksjons-IDTransaction IDDiffers for Reserved, Captured and Refunded transaction
Ordre-IDOrdre ID
BruttoTotal amount
NettoTotal amount minus fees
TransaksjonstypeTransaction typeE.G. Salg (Sale), Refundering (Refund)
Oppgjørs-IDSettlement ID
OppgjørsdatoSettlement date
OppgjørssumSettlement total amount
OppgjørskontoSettlement bank account number
FornavnFirst nameOnly applicable for Vipps number
EtternavnLast nameOnly applicable for Vipps number
MeldingMessage/Transaction text

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