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XML reports

Here are schemas and example files for XML settlement reports.

Both the current settlement report schema v3.0 and the old v2.0 version are available.

Example files are available for:

Changes to the settlement report XML schema from v2.0 to v3.0โ€‹

NB! New settlements will contain a mix of captures and refunds. To make the numbers unambiguous we have introduced new fields for capture and refund, but kept gross and net fields as before.

  • Schema changes from v2.0 to v3.0:

  • Changes to PaymentsInfo:

    • ReportDateFrom and ReportDateTo fields:
      • Drop time part, keep only date (in YYYY-MM-DD format)
      • Change schema type from xs:string to xs:date
    • Remove control sums (TotalSettledGrossAmount, TotalSettledNetAmount, TotalSettledFeeAmount, and TotalSettledRefundAmount)
    • Move NumOfSettlements after SettlementInfo blocks to facilitate future streaming optimizations for large files
  • Changes to TransactionInfo:

    • Rename TransactionDate to TransactionTime and:
      • Change type from xs:string to xs:dateTime
      • Fix time zone bug from previous report system where time UTC formatting was applied to Oslo time.
      • Now always Oslo time zone, consistent with dates
    • Change type of TransactionID from xs:string to xs:long
    • Add field TransactionCaptureAmount (always positive)
    • Add field TransactionRefundAmount (always negative)
    • Note that TransactionGrossAmount = TransactionCaptureAmount + TransactionRefundAmount
  • Changes to SettlementInfo:

    • Rename SettlementBatchDate to SettlementDate and:
      • Drop time part and change type from xs:string to xs:date
      • For new settlements, this date is within the inclusive range [ReportDateFrom, ReportDateTo] and is equal to or later than the date of the last transaction within the settlement
      • Note that the bank transfer will typically occur at a later date
    • Change type of SettlementID from xs:string to xs:long
    • Move NumOfTransactions and all amounts to below TransactionInfo fields, to facilitate future streaming optimizations for large files
    • Add field SettlementType (Net or Gross)
    • Add field SettledAmount, which is the amount paid out or invoiced (net or gross depending on settlement type)
    • Add field CaptureSettlementAmount, sum of TransactionCaptureAmount fields
    • Add field RefundSettlementAmount, sum of TransactionRefundAmount fields
    • Note that GrossSettlementAmount is still the sum of TransactionGrossAmount fields
    • Note that GrossSettlementAmount = CaptureSettlementAmount + RefundSettlementAmount
  • Changes to FeeInfo:

    • FeeInfo will only be included for old reports with gross settlement type
    • Change type of FeeDate from xs:string to xs:date
    • Change type of FeeAccount from xs:long to xs:string
  • Changes to SettlementDetailsInfo:

    • Change type of MainAddressCity from xs:NCName to xs:string
  • Changes to VippsInfo:

    • Change type of WebSite from xs:NCName to xs:anyURI
    • Change type of Country from xs:NCName to xs:string

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