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The Vipps MobilePay API platform can be used for payments and logins for Point of Sale, apps, subscriptions, QR codes, checkout sessions, and invoices.

Starting points:

Migrate from MobilePay:

  • Vipps MobilePay migration guide - If you are currently using MobilePay APIs for your payment integration needs, we recommend using our comprehensive migration guide which provides step-by-step instructions and best practices for integrating with the API platform.

Dive deeper with:

  • Developer resources - Learn about the API dashboard, demo store, design guidelines, portal, status pages, etc.
  • Common API topics - Get details about API keys, API lifecycle, authentication, HTTP headers, polling guidelines, reserve and capture, userinfo, landing page, etc.
  • Frequently asked questions - Learn about common problems and FAQs relating to refunds, users and payments, landing page.

Related topics:

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