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Hello! You have reached the developer section of the documentation.
If you think you are in the wrong place, see the Vipps MobilePay pages. 🤔

For support in your language, see:

Questions relating to:How to get help:
General questions (e.g., customer relationship, creating sales units, change of admins)Get customer support at
Help for partnersCheck the Partner and Management API documentation.
Applications for Vipps MobilePay products (status, follow-ups, etc.)Check the status on
Help with pluginsCheck with the plugin provider.
Help with Vipps or MobilePay when you use a third party (e.g., partner, Point of Sale vendor, Payment Service Provider)Contact the third party.
Questions about migrating from MobilePayIf you have an integration that was built by your partner, talk with them first.
For questions about apps or pricing changes:
For developers: MobilePay migration guides.
Problems with Vipps MobilePay servicesProduction status page
Test environment status page

Technical questions

Most information can be found in the searchable technical documentation.

The information we need to be able to help

Please email us at (or use your Slack channel if you have one) and include all the following information:

  1. A detailed description of the problem with a step-by-step description of what you do and what happens.
  2. A concise, self-explanatory Subject line, such as "POST:/something gives HTTP 400 response".
  3. Business/organization details: Organization number (If you are in Norway, find yours at Brønnøysundregistrene, the Norwegian business registry).
  4. Merchant Serial Number (MSN), found on See the portal documentation for a description of how to find your MSN and your other API keys.
  5. The name of the product or API that you're having a problem with.
  6. Environment: Is it a problem in the Test (MT) or the Production environment?
  7. Include orderId, and preferably also transactionId and contextId. This makes it possible to find your API request in our logs.
  8. Date: On which date(s) did the problem occur?
  9. For API issues, include a complete request and response. Plain HTTP from Postman ensures the quickest response. No source code, please. Important: Remove everything except the last four characters from client_secret and Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key.
  10. Screenshots, if possible.
  11. Contact information, including name and phone number.
  12. Other relevant or helpful information.

For the fastest resolution, provide all the above information.

Keeping your colleagues up to date

To include your colleagues in all the communication for this issue, add them in the To: or CC: field of the email.

You can add more recipients to an existing issue by adding them as recipients to the email, you are sending.

All updates to the issue will be sent to every recipient of the previous email.

Case number

When you email us, we will create a case and assign a case number. For instance Case 123456 in the Subject line. This is the unique number for the specific case and is used to connect all communication about this issue in our systems.

Adding additional information

If you want to send additional information about the same issue, please reply to the email, without changing the Subject line.

Please remove previous communication when replying to an email. It is also not necessary to quote the previous messages, because we can see them in the case.

For a new problem, please send a separate email.

Response time

We will help as quickly as possible, usually in a few hours during normal working hours.

But, due to large variations in the number of requests and the varying complexity of resolving them, we cannot guarantee response times.


If you have a Key Account Manager (KAM), please contact them. If you do not have a KAM, please reply to the issue and add all relevant information.

Reporting multiple problems

For the fastest response, please send separate emails for each problem.

It may result in a delay to add details about new problems into an old case. If you reply to an old issue that has been closed, we will not see the message.

Contact by phone or slack?

Unfortunately, we don't have the capacity to answer by phone. Please send all the above information by email, and we will respond as quickly as we can.

For partners at Partner Plus level or above, it may be possible to set up a Slack channel to assist with communication.

Technical updates

Sign up for our Technical updates for occasional updates relating to the API platform or other technical tools.

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