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Here you will find information about changes to the general infrastructure and other developer resources.

For API changes, see the individual changelogs for each API. For instance:

June 2024

  • The limitations for the MobilePay Online facade have been removed, and it is fully functioning.

May 2024

MobilePay facade test

  • The facades for MobilePay Subscriptions, App Payments, and Online are available in the test environment. Please visit test environment limitations to read about the limitations of the facade test.
  • The first version of the test environment is ready for MobilePay. It supports Danish and Finnish test users, test merchants, and currency, as described in the test environment section.

January 2024

Merchant portal

The new merchant portal is For details about logging into the portal, see Merchant portal: How to log in.

Status pages

The Status pages have been updated and moved to new locations:

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