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Test environment

Vipps Available for Vipps.

MobilePay Available for MobilePay, with the limitations below.

All customers with access to the APIs and partners have access to the Merchant Test (MT) environment.

The test environment is suitable for testing most of the API functionality, but some functionality in the production environment is not available in MT. In general, MT does not contain functionality that requires integration with third parties.

The test and production environments are completely separate and use different API keys.


It is not possible to get a test merchant or test user in production. The only way to test in production is to onboard as a merchant and apply for a product. This requires going through the mandatory compliance checks and making real transactions with a user, using the production app. We recommend performing as much testing as possible in the test environment instead.

Limitations of the test environment

Regional limitations

The test environment doesn't fully support the MobilePay MobilePay markets yet. Everything still looks like Vipps but the APIs and flows are the same and can be tested.

For now, you will see the following:

  1. The test app only has the orange Vipps color scheme, not the blue MobilePay color scheme.

  2. Refund is not yet available for Danish and Finnish users. We are working as fast as possible to get this fixed.

Other limitations


There is no SLA or uptime guarantee for the test environment. We will not make any fixes, etc. outside typical office hours (CET) and unscheduled maintenance may occur. See the Status page for automatically updated status information.

Functionality that is not available in the test environment, a non-exhaustive list:

  1. Freestanding card payments (in the ePayment API).
  2. Push alerts may be unavailable or unstable. To see payment requests: Click the Payments button at the bottom, and then pull to refresh on the Payments screen.
  3. Partner functionality and the use of partner keys is not available. Partners will receive merchant keys for test.
  4. The Management API is not available.
  5. The Report API is not available. And there are no settlements in the test environment, and therefore no settlement reports. The only way to test the complete settlement flow is in the production environment.
  6. There is no equivalent to for the test environment.
  7. The user's email address can not be verified in the normal way. See: Email address.

To test functionality that is not available in MT, you will have to use the production environment in a controlled manner, using a real user and a real merchant.

Access to the test environment

You will need the following:

  1. API keys
  2. A test user
  3. The test app

Check also test amounts for specific test cases and the server you will use is listed under test servers.

API keys

The test environment and production environments are completely separate. You will, therefore, need to use a different set of API keys for the test environment. The API keys are linked to a specific test sales unit and can only be used for this unit.


Sales units in the production environment must follow strict rules (regulatory and other), so you may not be able to get the same sales unit configuration there, even though you have it in the test environment.

All merchants with API access have access to the test environment.

A test sales unit is automatically created when the merchant submits an order for a Vipps MobilePay product that includes an API. The details and API keys can then be found on the Developer section on See the Merchant portal section for details about logging in.

The sales unit will have the same country code as the merchant it is created for. A Norwegian merchant can only create Norwegian sales units, a Danish merchant can only create Danish sales units and Finnish merchants can only create Finnish merchants.

Portal test sales unit


All Vipps MobilePay customers can create as many sales units as they need in the test environment. Sale units in the test environment can not be changed.

Test users


Do not use the test phone number in the production environment, because the test number may be a phone number for a real Vipps or MobilePay user.

Test users can be created and retrieved by logging in to, going to the Developer section, and selecting the Test users tab.

On this page it is also possible to create additional test users.

Portal test users

Please be aware that:

  • Test users works on all phones and on all networks.
  • The same test user can be used on multiple devices.
  • Test users are not connected to any merchant or partner, they can be used with any merchant and sales unit in the test environment.
  • The test user's name, birthdate, etc. are randomly generated when the test user is created and cannot be changed.
  • There is no way to get a test user in the production environment. The production environment only contains real users and data.

Payment card

The test user is registered with a payment card, and it is not possible to add new cards in the test app.

Email address

You can add a real email address on a test user from the Profile -> Personal information -> Email section in the app.

In the test environment verification of emails can only be triggered in a Login flow (if the merchant requests the email scope), or from clicking “send email” from the email address section under the profile page. After updating the email address you will need to close and reopen the app for this option to be available.

Just updating the email and saving it will not trigger an email to be sent for verification. The indication on the profile page that the email is not verified can be ignored.

Test apps

The test apps for iOS and Android are similar to the production apps (we aim to keep them as identical as possible). They connect to the Merchant Test environment (MT) instead of the production environment, so you can use them with test users to test out the flow with API requests.

A test app can be installed on the same phone as a production app without conflicts, as it uses the vippsMT:// URL scheme, while the production app uses vipps://.


Only test users, with random fake phone numbers, are available in the test environment. Normal (real) users are not available, so you can't use your own phone number with the test apps.

Don't use the test phone number in the production environment, as it may belong to a real person. 💸

The iOS test app is available in Apple TestFlight. You don't need an invitation or an activation code. If TestFlight request this please close TestFlight and access it again through the link below.

  1. Open the TestFlight link on your iOS phone (it won't work on macOS, and the TestFlight search is not helpful).
  2. Install and open the Vipps MT app.
  3. Choose the country. It must be the corresponding country for your test user or the next step will fail.
  4. If prompted with age check please choose "Above 15"
  5. Enter the national identity number for the test user.
  6. Enter the test phone number for the test user. Your normal Vipps or MobilePay user is not available in the test environment.
  7. On the Verify your number screen: Use PIN 1236. We allow 10,000 incorrect PIN attempts before locking the user's account.
  8. Click Next to confirm with electronic ID. A web view/browser will open and close shortly after. Please disregard this, it only imitates the eID verification users are prompted to complete in production.
  9. On the Enter your code screen: Use PIN 1236.
  10. Enable Touch ID and confirm with PIN 1236.
  11. Accept push notifications.

You are now ready to use the iOS test app!

Other versions of the test app

It may sometimes be necessary to use specific app versions in MT. This happens when the production apps and the production environment are not quite in sync with the test environment. When this happens, we update the Status page for the test environment with details.

Using an emulator

If you use an app emulator, and not the native apps installed on a real phone, you may experience problems - including having to log in from scratch every time you start the app in the emulator.

Test amounts

The test environment supports using special amounts in the test app to trigger certain test cases. Use these amounts to always get the same result.

1.51Insufficient funds
1.82Refused by issuer
1.83Suspected fraud
1.84Withdrawal limit exceeded
1.86Expired Card
1.87Invalid card
1.973D Secure denied
2.01Unknown result for 1 hour
2.02SCA required

The force approve endpoint does not support this functionality.

Test server

The test and production environments are separate and require different API credentials:

The servers are accessible around the world. Vipps MobilePay only relies on the API keys, and no requests to our servers are blocked on our side by IP addresses or similar.

See Servers for more information.

MobilePay facade test

Please read the facade documentation for information on how to test these in the test environment:

Next steps

If you aren't sure what to do next, see the Getting started page.

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