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Knowledge base

In this section, you'll find a lot of general information relating to the APIs.

API basics

  • API keys - Find out what API keys are and how to get your API keys.
  • Test environment - How to set up for testing the Vipps MobilePay APIs.
  • Authentication - How to get authentication for API requests.
  • HTTP headers - Headers to use in all your API requests.
  • HTTP response codes and errors - HTTP statuses returned in API responses and the standard response body format for our error messages.
  • Landing page - The landing page which opens in a browser and prompts the user to enter their phone number.
  • QR codes - How to initiate payments in a physical setting.
  • Redirects - Guidelines for how to redirect users to your website after a purchase.

General information

Payment concepts

  • Payments - The payment request screen and receipt details in the Vipps MobilePay app. Payment use cases, success rates, card payments, and common problems.
  • Reserve and capture - The difference between reserving and capturing a payment.
  • Cancellations - Learn about ways to cancel a payment.
  • Refunds - Learn about payment refunds.
  • Polling guidelines - Guidelines for using polling.
  • Timeouts - Standard timeouts for payment requests.

Detailed technical recommendations

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