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Endpoints to integrateโ€‹

Integrate all the API endpoints. For examples of requests and responses, see the Postman collection and environment.

Initiate a PSP paymentPOST:/v3/psppayments/init
Update the status of the PSP transactionPOST:/v3/psppayments/updatestatus
Get the details of the PSP paymentGET:/v3/psppayments/{pspTransactionId}/details
On the merchant side, be able to process EMVCo tokensPOST:makePaymentUrl
Delete a payment agreement. For recurring only(Currently on freeze pending PSD2 migration)POST:/v3/psppayments/payments
Get card data to process a payment with token. For recurring only (Currently on freeze pending PSD2 migration)DELETE:/v3/psppayments/agreements
Respond with correct error informationPOST:makePaymentUrl. See error codes list for possible responses.

Avoid integration pitfallsโ€‹

Support soft decline step-ups according to 3DS specifications.In case of a soft decline (when the issuer requires 3DS), the PSP must host a 3DSecure session and must provide the URL to Vipps. See PSD2 Compliance and Secure Customer Authentication (SCA).
Do not rely on pspRedirectUrlSome users may close Vipps immediately after seeing the payment confirmation, therefore not being "redirected" back to the merchant. Because of this, it is important for the merchant and the PSP to not base their transaction logic on the user reaching the pspRedirectUrl. See PSP Payment Sequence.
Provide reserve, capture, and refund information to VippsThe PSP provides information of every capture and refund to Vipps (not just reserve)
Follow design guidelinesThe Vipps branding must be according to the Vipps design guidelines.

Live flowโ€‹

  1. The PSP completes all checklist items.
  2. The PSP contacts Vipps with test IDs (pspTransactionId, merchantOrderId) in the Vipps test environment, showing that all checklist items have been fulfilled.
  3. The PSP contacts Vipps to verify the integration in the production environment:
    • At least one IDs for orders with each of the following statuses: Capture, Refund, Cancel.
    • At least 3 IDs for orders with different error codes.
  4. The PSP goes live ๐ŸŽ‰

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