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Vipps Available for Vipps now.

MobilePay Available for MobilePay in Finland. Expected availability in Denmark is March 2024.

All notable changes to the current API will be documented in this file. To learn about API versioning, see API Lifecycle.

January 2023

Removed QR code login flow.

September 2021

Vipps Login support for logging in directly from phone number (CIBA) and QR code.

February 2021

Launched Login API version 2

To have a unified way of providing user information across Vipps services we are standardizing the data formats, both within Vipps and with the OIDC standard.

Other improvements

The merchant can choose whether the user should be automatically returned to the browser after completing the authentication Vipps. We have also added a specific flow for integrations with native apps.

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