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Marketing consents

You can add marketing consents into the login flows.


Additional fees apply for marketing consents. See Login pricing for more details.

Initial marketing consents screenMarketing consents approved
User sees marketing consents in the browserUser confirm marketing consents in the browser

Getting started with marketing consents

Some elements on the marketing consents screen can be adjusted to fit your needs:

  • The consents requested (both mandatory and optional). The user must acknowledge the mandatory consents before they can complete the flow.
  • A bottom text where we provide some contextual information. The text is fixed, but the links will point to the merchant's terms and conditions, as well as privacy statement.

We can tailor the screen to suit your needs. Send the following information to

  1. The list of consents you want to request from the user (see Supported consents). Let us know which consents are mandatory.

  2. Links to your membership terms and privacy statement.

    The user must have all the relevant information available. For example:

  3. (Optional) The email address for the person to sign the Data Protection Agreement.

    Vipps MobilePay will function as a data processor and will not have any ownership to the data involved. See merchant terms and conditions for more information.


If you want a consent type that we currently don't support, reach out to us at

Supported consents

Login has support for the following consents. You may use any of these in your flow, specifying if they are required or optional.

Consent text:

  • email - Receive offers via email
  • sms - Receive offers via SMS
  • digital - I would like to receive digital marketing
  • personal Get customized offers

If you need other consents, please let us know at

Technical details

To integrate from a website:

For special cases where login does not start in a browser or app:

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