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QR API Webhooks

The QR solution currently has one webhook event that you can subscribe to.

The central part of the Merchant Callback QR flow is the callback that will be sent to the merchant when a customer scans the QR. To receive these callbacks, the merchant needs to register a subscription to the user.checked-in.v1 webhook event.

There can be a maximum of one webhook registration for each salesUnit. In addition to that there can also be registered a partner webhook. When the QR is scanned and there is both a partner webhook and a salesUnit webhook, then the salesUnit webhook will be used.

Here is the payload for the user.checked-in.v1 event:

customerTokenBase64 stringA reference to the customer. Should be used when initiating a payment through the ePayment API. Token is valid for 15 minutes.
merchantQrIdstringThe ID of the QR code that has been scanned which is defined by the merchant when the QR was created.
msnstringMerchant serial number. A unique ID of the sales unit to which the scanned QR belongs.
initiatedAtUTC Timestamp in ISO 8601 formatThe timestamp of when the customer scanned the QR.

Example of user.checked-in.v1 payload:

"customerToken": "wbA8ceVRKkoYiQAVELHeFCC3Sn5dtNCvvEtVPiOT77j6wx7uR965AG6Q+q0ATP4=",
"merchantQrId": "d8b7d76d-49aa-48b8-90c6-38779372c163",
"msn": "12345",
"initiatedAt": "2023-10-06T10:45:40.3061965Z"

See the Webhooks API for more information.

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