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How the Check-in API works

To get an impression of how the check-in functionality looks and feels, check out the member flow in the demoshop.

Step 1: Scan the QR codeโ€‹

The flow begins with the customer presenting their personal Vipps QR code to the merchant. This can happen two ways:

  • Customer-facing scanner. The store will have a permanent customer-facing scanner and customers can scan their QR code at any time.
  • The QR code is scanned by the cashier using a wired scanner. This could happen while the cashier is scanning wares or right before the payment.

Loyalty Flow

Step 2: Check membershipโ€‹

The customer's membership status is checked by using the mobile number received in the last step.

A Vipps Check-in API request is triggered to inform the customer whether or not they are a member of your loyalty program. This will help them through the payment process.

Loyalty Flow

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