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Check-in API

Vipps The Check-in API is still in development and should be regarded as a proof of concept in its current state. Future changes to the visuals and the text shown on the check-in screen or deprecation can be expected.

The Check-in API enables you to send a message to the customer's Vipps app. This is currently only used to alert a user that they are already a member of a loyalty program.

API version: 1.0.0

The check-in screen

The check-in screen is a way of showing the user their membership status. As per now, intended app behavior is to only show the check-in screen when the user is a member. This is used to keep the customers in the app, while also informing them that they are a member.

NB: The check-in screen will only appear if the user has the app open.

Here is how it will look for the user. The merchant's logo will also show here.

Loyalty Flow

Send the POST:/point-of-sale/v1/loyalty-check-in request to show the check-in screen in the user's Vipps app.


Authorization: Bearer eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJSUzI1Ni <snip>
Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key: 0f14ebcab0ec4b29ae0cb90d91b4a84a
Accept: image/png
Merchant-Serial-Number: 123456
Vipps-System-Name: Acme Commerce
Vipps-System-Version: 3.1.2
Vipps-System-Plugin-Name: acme-pos
Vipps-System-Plugin-Version 4.5.6

The request body:

phoneNumberstringYThe phone number of the end user, fetched via their personal QR-code
isMemberbooleanYThis boolean will determine the user flow in the app to show whether the user is enrolled in the loyalty program or not. If this value is true, they are a member and already enrolled, and the check-in screen will show. If the value is false, nothing will be shown on the screen.


"phoneNumber": "4712345678",
"isMember": true

The response will simply be a GUID, which is a reference that may be used for debugging.

Customer enrollment into loyalty program

If the customer is not a member of the loyalty program, you can request to enroll them by using the Login API.

Trigger a Login flow to gather consent from the customer. The CIBA flow will send a push to the user, and once the user has finished the flow, the customer will be enrolled in the loyalty program.

Vipps scan

See Log in with phone number for a detailed example.

Merchant enrollment

If merchants want a special name for their customer club, contact us, and we can add the name manually. If no name is set, we will use the company name in addition to "customer club".

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