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API guide

Vipps Available for Vipps. New features may be provided in the future.

MobilePay Available for MobilePay in selected markets at the Vipps MobilePay joint platform launch.

The Report API can provide you with information about your payments with Vipps. In particular, it is used to aggregate information across the API platform, and it can contain data for many payments at once.

The following topics are described:

  • Overview contains descriptions of common traits of the entire Report API.
  • Settlement guide explains the Report API settlement process and the ledger.
  • Errors description shows the Report API errors with descriptions.
  • Coming later: Endpoints for recent/non-settled transactions.

Please note: The information fetched from the Report API is asynchronous and trailing behind the other APIs. It is usually behind by a second or so, but if there are operational problems, it could, in the worst case, be behind by several hours. Therefore, you should always use other Vipps APIs as the source of truth for the status of an operation.

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