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Commerce Vipps

Support and development by Ny Media Support and development by Ny Media

This plugin is built and maintained by Ny Media and hosted on



Before you install commerce_vipps module, you must first install Commerce 2.x on your Drupal website. Please follow the Commerce installation guide.

Please remember that commerce_vipps module, similar to other payment gateway integrations, is using Payment API provided by the commerce_payment submodule. Make sure you have installed that module.

In order to download the module and its dependencies, use the following Composer command:

composer require drupal/commerce_vipps

Enable the module either via Drupal UI (navigate to /admin/modules) or CLI. Read more about enabling the module on the Drupal help pages.


You found a bug? You'd like to request a feature? You'd like to contribute a code, visit the issue queue on


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