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How the QR API works with one-time payment

Offer contactless payment to your customers by generating a one-time QR code the user can scan to pay.

One-Time Payment QR how it works

1. User wants to pay with Vippsโ€‹

The user uses Vipps as the preferred payment method. Image of Vipps app

2. The merchant generates a QR codeโ€‹

The one-time QR code is presented to the user, so they can pay Image of customer facing display with QR

3. The user scans the QR code and the payment appears on the user's phoneโ€‹

phone scanning QR

4. The user completes the paymentโ€‹

With Order Management, the merchant can send a receipt to the customer (as shown in the image below, on the right side).

image of Vipps app with completed purchase

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