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Best practices

Maximize your conversions with checkout flows that enable customers to quickly and easily review their payment information and confirm their purchase.

Make Vipps the primary payment optionโ€‹

People like using Vipps for faster checkout. Where possible, display the Vipps button prominently, and consider making it the default or only payment option.

Let your Vipps customers make purchases without an accountโ€‹

Account creation slows down the checkout process and can lead to abandoned carts. Use Vipps to enable faster guest checkout. If you'd like your customers to create an account, allow them to do so after they complete their purchase.

Include Vipps on confirmation pages and receiptsโ€‹

When displaying payment information on confirmation pages and email receipts, make sure you indicate the customer has paid with Vipps. Ensure that Vipps is displayed consistently with how other payment methods are displayed.

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