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Manual signup

We recommend that you use the Management API's prefill functionality to sign up a new merchant, because it is much faster and easier to get all the details correct since you can prefill the product order information.

If you aren't able to do this, the merchant can manually sign up as follows:

  1. The merchant logs in to

    If they don't already have a customer relationship with Vipps MobilePay, they need to register on and create a merchant agreement as described in Applying for services.

  2. Once the merchant has a customer relationship with Vipps MobilePay, they can apply for the relevant Vipps MobilePay product(s) on

    It's the partner's responsibility to make sure the merchant has all necessary information to fill out the application correctly.

    When the merchant applies for a product, they must select:

    • The product (or use a direct link as above)
    • The partner
    • The price package, typically "Price 1", "Price 2" or "Price 3". Although it's not ideal to let merchants select the price package, this is needed when not using the Management API.
  3. We process the application and perform customer control (KYC, PEP, AML, etc.). This may take a few days, depending on the information provided and the workload and the quality and completeness of the application. See the Typical reasons for delays.

  4. The merchant can check the status of the application on at any time. We don't have the capacity to answer emails with status inquiries. If the partner wants to know the status, they can check with the merchant.

  5. We notify the merchant and the partner by email that the application is approved, with the new MSN, and that the merchant can now use the Vipps MobilePay products. Both the merchant and the partner receive exactly the same information.


    If the application is declined, only the merchant is notified, as we may not be allowed to share the reason for declining.

The partner can now use their partner keys and the merchant's new MSN to make payments. Alternatively, if the partner doesn't want to use partner keys, they can ask the merchant to create a user for them, so they can get access to the merchant's MSN.

For information about user permissions, see: Portal: Users.

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