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Install and configure



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Start by navigating into /var/www/<project-name>/custom/plugins/ then clone the repository with SSH or HTTPS

git clone VippsMobilePayEPayment

Composer & Git installment of plugin

Installing the plugin without using the Shopware UI and activating the plugin

php bin/console plugin:install --activate VippsMobilepayEpayment

After running the installation and activation of the plugin clear the cache.

php bin/console cache:clear

The plugin is now installed and activated go to configure

Shopware UI

Download the latest release

Go to My extensions and click Upload extension.

Upload extensions

Unzip the *.zip that you downloaded.

The plugin should now be available and should show up in the list.

Plugin available

Click install and wait for the page to refresh. When it's done click the active slider.

Plugin activate

It should now be blue.

Plugin install and activated

The plugin is installed and activated now go to the configure section.


Configuration of plugin

Start by clicking the 3 dots and the click Configure.

Configure plugin

Select the sales channel that matches the requirements.


Plugin config example

REMEMBER only use "production environment" for production keys, otherwise use "test environment".

To test if the right credentials are used, press the Test API Connection. If there is no error, then the credentials are correct. If there comes an error, then double-check the credentials to see if they're correct.

Configuration of payment method

Start by going to https://<domain>/admin#/sw/settings/payment/overview to see that the payments are correctly installed.

Payment method installed

Configuration of the sales channel

Go to the sales channel where you want to add Vipps or MobilePay. It's important that the sales channel is configured the right way. For example:

Sales channels

Requirements for the sales channel

MerchantCountriesDefault CountryLanguagesDefault LanguagesCurrenciesDefault CurrenciesPayment MethodsTest environmentProduction environment
Vipps🇳🇴 NorwayNorwayNorskNorskNorwegian kroneNorwegian kroneVipps | Vipps MobilePay | ePayment
MobilePay DA🇩🇰 DenmarkDenmarkDanishDanishDanish kroneDanish kroneMobilePay | Vipps MobilePay | ePayment
MobilePay FI🇫🇮 FinlandFinlandSuomiSuomiEuroEuroMobilePay | Vipps MobilePay | ePayment

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