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API version: 3.0

Endpoints to integrate

Integrate all the API endpoints. For examples of requests and responses, see the Postman collection and environment.

Agreement: Create an agreementPOST:/recurring/v3/agreements
Agreement: Retrieve an agreementGET:/recurring/v3/agreements/{agreementId}
Agreement: Update an agreementPATCH:/recurring/v3/agreements/{agreementId}
Agreement: List chargesGET:/recurring/v3/agreements/{agreementId}/charges
Charge: Create ChargePOST:/recurring/v3/agreements/{agreementId}/charges
Charge: Retrieve a chargeGET:/recurring/v3/agreements/{agreementId}/charges/{chargeId}
Charge: Cancel a chargeDELETE:/recurring/v3/agreements/{agreementId}/charges/{chargeId}
Charge: Refund a chargePOST:/recurring/v3/agreements/{agreementId}/charges/{chargeId}/refund
Charge: Capture a reserved chargePOST:/recurring/v3/agreements/{agreementId}/charges/{chargeId}/capture

When the checklist is completed, notify Vipps MobilePay Integration Service at Include examples from the test environment, pilot customer info, and a description of the implemented solution.

We will verify the integration and contact you. After the checklist is approved, we'll send you the information you need to get started.

Quality assurance

Handle errorsMonitor the error messages Vipps MobilePay returns from the APIs and correct problems as quickly as possible. It's recommended to log errors emitted by our APIs. This makes it easier to pinpoint what has gone wrong.
Include standard HTTP headersSend the HTTP headers in all API requests for better tracking and troubleshooting (mandatory for partners and platforms, who must send these headers as part of the checklist approval).

Avoid integration pitfalls

Poll for the agreement statusThe Merchant must not rely on Redirect alone, but must always poll GET:/recurring/v3/agreements/{agreementId} to check the status of the agreement.
Provide subscription toolsThe merchant must have a way for the user to manage and stop subscription in merchantAgreementUrl in their agreement. This should result in a timely update of the Vipps MobilePay Agreement.
Follow design guidelinesThe Vipps MobilePay branding must be according to the design guidelines.
Educate customer supportMake sure your customer service, etc. has all the tools and information they need available in your system, through the APIs listed in the first item in this checklist, and that they do not need to visit for normal work.

Flow to go live for direct integrations

  1. The merchant orders Vipps på Nett.
  2. Vipps MobilePay completes customer control (KYC, PEP, AML, etc.).
  3. The merchant receives an email from Vipps MobilePay saying that they can log in with BankID on and retrieve API keys.
  4. The merchant completes all checklist items.
  5. The merchant verifies the integration in the test environment by checking that there are test agreements and charges in the test environment, with the following states:
    • A complete Agreement ending in ACTIVE.
    • A complete Agreement ending in STOPPED.
    • A complete "type":"RECURRING" Charge ending in CHARGED.
    • A complete "type":"RECURRING" Charge ending in REFUNDED.
  6. The recurring merchant starts using the MSN and API keys for the production environment.
  7. The merchant verifies that what worked in the test environment also work in the production environment. Please note: Vipps MobilePay does not do any kind of activation or make any changes based on this checklist. The API keys for the production environment are made available on as soon as the customer control (see step 2) is completed, independently of this checklist.
  8. The merchant goes live 🎉

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