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Using Vipps MobilePay across borders

To use Vipps MobilePay services in a country, apply for a merchant agreement for that country. Once you're approved, we'll send you a sales unit which operates with the correct currency and branding.

Danish Krone
Norwegian Krone

You'll need a sales unit specifically created for the country where you'll be operating (e.g., a Finnish sales unit in Finland).

You must use the MobilePay brand in Denmark and Finland, and the Vipps brand in Norway.

If you are using the latest Vipps MobilePay APIs (i.e., use ePayment rather than the deprecated eCom), the software you build for one country can be reused in one of the other countries (i.e., Denmark, Finland, and Norway).


Vipps eCommerce merchants must have migrated from the eCom API to the ePayment API.

MobilePay merchants must have migrated to Vipps MobilePay APIs.

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