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How Recurring works with campaign

You can and should use campaigns if you have any discounted periods in the beginning of the agreement for the user. Agreement initiation, accepting, confirmation, management and other processes are the same as for agreement without a campaign. The main difference is how content is represented for the user.

1. Campaign types

Price campaign


Period campaign


Event campaign


2. Accept agreement

In the example you can see how agreement with campaign looks like.

Accept agreement

In the example, you can see how agreement with campaign and initial charge will look.

Accept agreement

3. Overview of agreements and charges

The user can see their active subscriptions, as well as stopped subscriptions, and get an overview of previous charges in Vipps MobilePay. Campaign information will be displayed on the active and stopped subscriptions until the campaign has expired. After that, the regular price and interval will be displayed.

Agreement with running campaign

Overview of agreements

Agreement after campaign as expired

Overview of agreements

Great! Now you know how the Recurring agreements with campaign process works.

For technical documentation go to: Recurring API Guide, Campaigns.

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