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Technical update 2021-09

This update was sent in September 2021.


An early version of the QR API is available.

The QR API lets merchants generate Vipps QR codes that can be used to pay over the counter, without requiring the Vipps user to provide their telephone number to the merchant.

The QR code, when scanned and opened, will redirect the user to the Vipps landing page, which on the phone will automatically trigger a switch to the Vipps app where they can pay the merchant.

The Order Management API

An early version of the Order Management API is available.

The Order Management API allows merchants to send rich receipt information to existing Vipps transaction. This information is shown to the customer in the app in their order history. This functionality is available for both recurring and direct payments, but not for pass-through payments.

The Partner API

An early version of the Partner API is available.

The Partner API will let partners, banks and large corporations manage their merchants and sales units. See the GitHub repository for background and priorities.

Vipps Login support for authentication/registration outside of browser/app (CIBA)

The Vipps Login service has been extended with Client Initiated Backchannel Authentication (CIBA) flows to support use cases where authentication/registration does not start in a browser or an app.

This could typically be physical contexts like point of sales (POS) solutions, on the phone in call center solutions, or devices/terminals like TV boxes. We currently support initiating logins based on the users phone number. We are also working on supporting the same flows with the user scanning the merchant's QR-code as a starting point.

More information can be found in the Login API Guide.

The Recurring API now supports variable amounts

Recurring agreements with variable amount lets merchants charge users a different amount each for interval, based on the user's specified max amount.

More information can be found in the Recurring API Guide.

API Dashboard for the test environment

UPDATE from 12 Jan 2024: The API Dashboard is deprecated.

The API Dashboard is now available for both the production and test environments. See it on in the Utvikler section. Here's an example:

API dashboard login data

Removed HTTP 402 errors

The eCom API previously sent HTTP 402 Payment Required for some errors. That HTTP status is "reserved for future use", and our use was a bit creative.

We now send HTTP 400 Bad Request instead, with more details in the message body.

Since this is still an error that can and must be fixed by the merchant, we have concluded that the change does not require a new version of the API.

Technical updates archive

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