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Technical update 2024-05

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Button designer

You can now use our button designer to create the best and most effective Vipps and MobilePay buttons for your website.

Bonus: Since the button details are automatically fetched from us, the buttons on your website will always be up to date.

Management API and prefill: Get the sales unit details

When using prefill to fill out the product order form for merchants, it is now possible to get the MSN of the sales unit that the product order resulted in.

The status of the prefill will be COMPLETED, and the response from GET:/management/v1/product-orders/{prefilledProductOrderId}/details will contain this:

"name":"ACME Fantastic Fitness"

See: Get information about a product order.

Login API: See the number of active users on

Merchants can now see the number of active Login users on the sales unit details page on

Danish and Finnish support in the test environment

We have worked hard and the first version of Danish and Finnish support in the test environment is ready! The app is still orange with the Vipps logo, but you can now use the DKK and EUR currencies, and create both Danish and Finnish test merchants and users.

See Test environment for more.

It is already possible to add order lines when initiating an ePayment payment.

Now you can also add a link to the payment, enabling users to see this before they pay. This can be a link to an invoice or other documentation, whatever you like. Use our pre-built order management feature to enhance the user experience with ePayments.

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