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Technical update 2020-04

This update was sent in April 2020.

Much faster payments on phones

Vipps eCom payments using app-switch are now done in the same biometric operation. There is no longer a need to first log in and then confirm the payment.

This reduces the time it takes to pay with Vipps.

And: Since the "login" is connected to the payment, we have better logging and more data, so if something goes wrong, we can fix it faster.

POS integration

Point Of Sale (POS) integrations are now possible with the eCom API.

See the product page and the Frequently Asked Questions for POS integrations.

eCom: skipLandingPage

If there is no way to show the Vipps landing page, it can be skipped.

This may be useful for POS integration, vending machines, etc. See Skip landing page for details.

eCom: Cancel pending payments

The /cancel endpoint may now also be called before the payment has been reserved, meaning before the user has accepted/rejected in Vipps. This may be useful in face-to-face situations where a customer's phone runs out of battery.

See Cancelling a pending order.

User details

The user details provided by Vipps Hurtigkasse and Vipps Login will (very soon) use the same data formats.

eCom: /approve endpoint for integration tests

A new /approve endpoint makes it possible to approve payments through the API, without using the app.

New developer pages on

We now offer nicely formatted and Vipps branded developer pages at

The pages are automatically generated from the GitHub repos, so the content is the same, and you can choose what to use.

We are just getting started, and feedback is very welcome. We know there are some minor issues, please bear with us.

API documentation in HTML format with Slate

We offer generated HTML documentation in three formats for most APIs. Examples for the eCom API:

  • OpenAPI: eCom
  • ReDoc: content no longer available
  • Slate: content no longer available

Feedback is very welcome.

How it works

We have made some more in-depth product information pages with screenshots:

Plugin overview

We now have plugins for WordPress/WooCommerce, Magento, Episerver, Shopify, Drupal: Vipps plugins

We have some more candidates too.


We have mentioned some things before, and take this opportunity to remind you:

API lifecycle

Our API lifecycle policy is available on GitHub.

Status pages for test and production environments

See Status pages.

How to get help quickly

Please see this page.

Technical updates archive

Please see: technical updates

Questions or comments?

We're always happy to help with code or other questions you might have! Please create GitHub issues or pull requests for the relevant API, or contact us.

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