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Technical update 2024-09

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Search example

The documentation search is now much better:

  • More relevant results.
  • Hierarchical results: Better overview
  • Search as you type: Fast!
  • Shortcut: Command-K (Mac) or Control-K (Windows)

Management API: More sale unit details

The GET:/management/v1/sales-units/{msn} endpoint now returns more data about the sales unit:

"msn": "123456",
"name": "ACME Fantastic Fitness",
"businessIdentifier": {
"scheme": "business:NO:ORG",
"id": "9876543221"
"configuration": {
"paymentAllowed": true,
"captureType": "ReserveCapture",
"skipLandingPageAllowed": false,
"recurringAllowed": true,
"partialCaptureAllowed": true,
"lateCaptureAllowed": false

See: Get information about a sales unit.

Partners: Save 90 % of the time by using "prefill" in the Management API

Partners can use the Management API to prefill the product order form and make it much easier for merchants to provide the correct information, product configuration, etc.

Our data shows that prefilled order forms saves 90 % of the time filling out the form, as the merchant only needs to check and submit. Processing the product orders is also faster, since the product orders are correct.

In short: Use prefill to make sure merchants go live faster.

QR API: IN_STORE and VENDING categories for merchant callback QR codes

The merchant callbacks QR codes now offer two types of categories.

These will determine which waiting screen the user will see in the app after the QR code has been scanned, so the user gets a better user experience.


Get ready for MobilePay facade migration

For the merchants and partners using the existing MobilePay Subscriptions and App payments the time is approaching where you need to start migrating to the Recurring and ePayment API. We have improved and are expanding the migration guides to assist you in the migrations:

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