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Technical update 2023-10

This update was sent in October 2023.

Report API

The Report API version 2 is now available.

The API gives you, or your accounting partner, the ability to fetch information about payment events that have been processed. It is a REST API providing data in JSON format.

Please note:

  • Accounting partners must use their accounting keys. Merchants are not allowed to share API keys with partners that have not been approved by Vipps MobilePay to make payments, as we are strictly regulated and must know who can make payments using our APIs.
  • Accounting companies can use the form to become an accounting partner.
  • Merchants select their accounting partner on as described here: Give access to an accounting partner.

Management API

The Management API replaces the Partner API, and is available for all merchants and most partners:

  • Prefill product orders in order to simplify and speed up onboarding of merchants
  • Retrieve information about merchants and sales units

Partners: See Types of partner keys.

ePayment API

The Long-living payment requests feature in ePayment API is now supported in the latest version of the app on both iOS and Android.

When a payment is created with order lines, users can now see them before making the payment in the latest version of the app on both iOS and Android.

See Long-living payment requests for how a user will see the above scenarios in their app.

Recurring API

The Recurring V3 API now allows to update the interval of an active agreement. See Update an agreement for more details.

Test users

You can now create new test users on See Test users for details.

MobilePay migration guides

There are several migration guides for how to move from the MobilePay APIs to the new APIs: Migration guides.

Deprecation of the SFTP service

The SFTP service is now deprecated, and will be shut down on March 1, 2024, with a four-month warning according to the API Lifecycle.

The Report API is the replacement. See: What are the benefits of the Report API over the SFTP service?

Deprecation of the Partner API

The Management API has replaced the Partner API.

For those few that still use the Partner API, please update as soon as possible. The Partner API will be unavailable at the latest on March 1, 2024.

Deprecation of the Checkout API v2

The Checkout API version 2 will be shut down Jan 1st 2024, so please make sure you're using version 3.

Checkout V3 improves upon V2 through alignment of polling and callback responses, improvement of field names, and expanding models related to logistics options to permit more advanced features.

Our migration guide will take you through all the details, if you haven't already switched.


Deprecation of the Recurring API v2

As announced in December 2022 technical update, the Recurring API version 2 will be shut down November 1, 2023, so please make sure you're using version 3.

Our migration guide will take you through all the details, if you haven't already switched.

Please check your API calls for errors

We still see too much incorrect use of our APIs, and some errors cause payments to fail, as well as bad user experiences. The API checklists explicitly says:

Make sure to log and handle all errors. All integrations should display errors in a way that the users (customers and merchant employees/administrators) can see and understand them.

We are working on eliminating incorrect API use to ensure the best possible user experience for all users and merchants. Please:

  • Monitor the responses you get when making API calls
  • Log all errors
  • Fix errors as quickly as possible
  • Use the API Dashboard (no longer available) to find problems with your integration.

Questions or comments?

We're always happy to help with code or other questions you might have! Please contact us.

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